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I was raised on Manhattan museums and Broadway musicals. I worked at a music store in high school, selling new stuff and remastered classics as the first wave of consumers started converting their vinyl collections to digital.  I’ve had flute, piano, singing and guitar lessons in my life, but I’m not even remotely a musician. I can draw a convincing wolf, but I’m not remotely a visual artist.

I am, however, a person who has devoted a lot of time to helping people appreciate, understand and decode art and music. I’ve run a local music column, interviewed scores of artists and musicians, reviewed dozens of exhibitions, CDs and concerts, worked as a contributing editor to a regional arts magazine and managed the daunting task of reporting the visual arts on public radio.

Samples of published work:

Exhibition reviews
Artscape: “Of Other Spaces” and “The New Normal” (Columbus Alive, March 2009)
Precious Pinheads: Wayne Martin Belger (Columbus, Alive, February 2009)
Artscape: “You Can Take It With You” (Columbus Alive, February 2009)

Music reviews
Avril Lavigne: Party on the Island of Misfit Girls
Ashlee Simpson: Rebuilding Her Self-Esteem One Fan at a Time
Josh Groban: Donny Osmond Giovanni

Fashion Features
Relish — Women’s Clothing That Transcends Trendiness (Bloom Magazine, December 2016)

Posts from my blog, Tiny Mantras, about art:
I hate art scavenger hunts
The possibilities of a painting

Weird Barack Obama art

Posts from my blog, Tiny Mantras, about music:
I was a teenage music store employee
Estrogen, euphony and domestic ennui
Posts about the closing of Little Brother’s and beyond

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