about TZT

Tracy Zollinger TurnerIn the withering spaces known as newsrooms, there has always been a culture of abbreviation and an armchair science of shorthand.

I learned to write for publication while cutting through the noise of chatty offices with low-rise cubicles. Meanwhile, my colleagues cut down the letters of my triple-barrel name down to a simpler three: TZT.

I’ve been a beat reporter, a feature writer and editor for alternative weeklies, dailies and magazines, a public radio producer, a web editor, a white paper editor, a blogger, a social media user, an embedded education writer, a cultural critic, a web site administrator, an idea generator, a sounding board for new writers and a digital content curator. Those are the best words that I can come up with to describe what I’ve done, in a language climate where new, shiny and generally vague job titles pop up daily. I like to keep things simple. If you don’t want to say my whole name, I’ll gladly answer to TZT.

I’m in the process of revamping this site. But take a look at some of the writing I’ve done that has won awards, see my résumé on LinkedIn, follow me on Twitter or visit my contact page for more ways to connect, including the more old-fashioned ones (such as email and the telephone).

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