Feature Writing

Features for the Greater Columbus Arts Council’s Front Row Center (off-site)
Building a Music City (2015)
Columbus Arts & Culture: An Investment with Big Returns (2014)
Columbus Artists: Becoming Collectible (2013)
Transforming the Voids: Reimagining Columbus’ Overlooked Spaces (2013)

Pieces on Green Architecture (off-site)
A series of pieces about new technologies and considerations in building environmentally-friendly structures: Sustainable Finishes, Energy Options and Considerations for Building Green.

Undersung Heroines: Women in Rock (750 words)
Features interviews with Barbara O’Dair, editor of Trouble Girls: The Rolling Stone Book of Women in Rock and Gillian Garr, author of She’s A Rebel.

Preparing for Stay-at-Home Parenting (Offsite: Will open in new window)
Parents and experts offer advice about financial and emotional preparations a couple can make before the arrival of a baby.

Suburbia Bites: A Pre-Millennium Interview with James Kuntsler
An interview with passionate and somewhat accidental civic guru and author of The Geography of Nowhere, he visited Columbus in 1995 to rap the city upside its head about suburban blight and the potential of our urban community.

From Hatemonger to Healer: Memoirs of a professional racist
An interview I did with ex neo-Nazi Floyd Cochran in the mid 1990s when he was three years into his new life as an anti-racist activist. The story was widely reprinted around the U.S., used as educational material in campaigns against hate crimes and was included in a body of work on the rise of the religious right in Ohio that won a national award for best local political series.

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